David Bowie set to release Nothing has Changed in November

David Bowie is all set to release a further new runway on a retrospective album to commemorate a half century of his music career. The veteran music star, who thrilled his fans with his album The Next Day previous year after the best part of a decade away, would also add a handful of uncommon recordings on the release.
According to reports, Nothing Has Changed would be unveiled on 17th November and attracts together stuff from all stages of his music career as well as his different record labels, dating back to his debut in the year 1964. It would have the brand new track Sue that was specially recorded for Nothing Has Changed with Tony Visconti, a long time collaborator and producer.
The track is his very first since previous year's album and it would come out as a ten inch digital and single download on the same day as the album itself. On Nothing Has Changed, which is named after a line from track Sunday away from his Heathen album, would be the track Let Me Sleep Beside You – it is a re-recording of a 1967 track made for his deserted Toy album at the turn of the millennium.
Along with an array of his pop hits, there would also be Shadow Man, a song originally penned with a look to going on his Ziggy Stardust album but tabled. A later version in 2001 was used as a B-side and after that quickly deleted.
Another rare track, Your Turn To Drive, was a download available to some rooters who ordered Heathen album.