One Direction's second concert in Nashville

It was fully a sold out event, but there was no applause on Wednesday night at the Bridgestone Arena, but screaming got louder and louder for UK boy band One Direction. This was One Direction's second ever concert in Nashville. All their rooters, exclusively female (most of them were teenagers were very busy in frantically cheering for the attention of their loved band member. Some of them even borrowed mom's mobile handsets to click the snaps of the band members.

There was cause for chaos as several rooters had been waiting for over a year for their scope to see the UK boy band. Their Nashville concert date was part of a United States summer tour which was 1st announced in 2012's April as their fame in the United States was taking off because of hits including "What Makes You Beautiful." The band and more importantly Harry Styles, one of the band members, later became very popular ruling the tabloids when he dated US country singer Taylor Swift for a short period of time previous year.

Harry Styles waved, smiled and spoke to the rooters between tracks, but stood out against his mates who were cutting up mid-song, even when another member was singing. The side conversations and goofy dance moves might be a way to head off boredom, but it has also gotten some of them in hot water. At a concert in Louisville on Sunday, band members Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan mimed as if they were consuming hard drinks out of their water bottles. The internet went wild with their drunk on stage accusations, and though Niall Horan argued that it had been a doing gag throughout their tour; but they skipped this joke at the Nashville concert.