Review: Gypsy Pistoleros

Without a doubt the most impressive glam band of the last five years in my book is the Gypsy Pistoleros. Their blend of glam, punk and flamenco music had me hooked from the first time I heard them.

They have received positive reviews and played some large festivals. The one thing that I think has really held them back is the numerous line-up changes. Lee and Iggie had soldiered on until Iggie left to form a new band Wildside Riot last year.

This left vocalist and main songwriter Lee and fortunately he decided to keep marching on taking the sound with him but now going by the singular handle of Gypsy Pistolero. Lee brought in guitarist Mark Westwood and drummer Johnny Peligroso to complete the line-up for what is essentially a solo album.

There are ten tracks, but only six new ones. The biggest difference I noticed on this album was that there is less glam and punk rock to their sound. I think this stems from Mark Westwood's playing style being different from Iggie. The sound this time around has more of a classic rock feel. Don't fret because this change works out very well.

The other change is that the writing has become even stronger if that's possible. The confidence in what he is doing just shines through in Lee's performance. The blend of flamenco and rock joins together in a smooth flavorable blend as we can hear in "They call me Django, Sangra De La Rosa and Johnny Peligroso.

There is a bit more oif a focus on the ballads this time around, but again the attention to detail yields fantastic results. A great album worth checking out.