S Club 7 reunion rumors circulating again

Paul Cattermole, former S Club 7 member, stated that their reunion is "close" to being finalized.

It was just last month when band member Hannah Spearritt sent their fans into a frenzy after stating that revealing that the group were all meeting up that sparked new reunion rumors.

Paul, now today, Paul Cattermole has offered the strongest hint that the pop band - consisting of Paul, Tina Barrett, Hannah, Bradley McIntosh, Jon Lee, Rachel Stevens and Jo O'Meara - will make a come back to the stage.

Earlier he told via twitter: "Big thanks to everyone for your support with the S Club reunion."

But after that tweet, their fans thought that the reunion is coming soon, but later he again tweeted and said that he actually did not confirm the reunion, he just thanked everyone for sending thousands and thousands of great messages in support of the band’s reunion.

However, in another tweet, he told that their reunion is really close. That again sent their fans into frenzy. Some even termed Paul as being a ‘tease.’

Tweets from fans came like this. One fans said: “Stop bloody teasing Cattermole!" and another tweeted: "Shall I start queuing for tickets now? I sense its close!"
S Club 7 formed in the year 1998 and came to fame by starring in their very own hugely well known BBC television series called Miami 7.