Who Takes The Title Of UK’s Sexiest Vegan This Year?

John Bishop, Russell Brand, and Leona Lewis have all been awarded the sexiest or most fanciable veggie award previously, but who has been crowned this year?
Pop diva Leona Lewis received the honors in 2008.

The singer keeps animals off her plates, as she doesn’t support animal abuse for business. With a vegan diet, she surely knows how to remain in perfect shape. In November last year, Leona was happily turned up at the Christmas Concert at “Fayre of St. James”. The former winner of X Factor attended the concert, which was organized by Quintessentially Foundation to help Rays of Sunshine.

The singer chose to wear a loosely fitted wrap dress, posing for the photographs alongside children present at the event.

As for the sexiest vegan award, it is given annually as recognition to celebrities for their endeavor in supporting, expressing compassion for animals, and for demonstrating how plant-based diet can be healthy for us. This year it was the pugilist David Haye, who convincingly won the title after defeating credible opponents.

Together with Thandie Newton, BAFTA Award winner, Haye was always ahead on points in his victory. Haye and Newton will not be given a Lonsdale Belt, but they will receive a box full of vegan chocolates along with a framed certificate. Haye became a veggie earlier last year and revealed the reasons behind it. A TV documentary showed how animals are reared in farmhouses, killed, and then prepared to eat. The horrible sight of animal abuse stirred his mind.